Scholarship for Financially Disadvantaged University Students In Hong Kong

Our annual scholarships for financial disadvantaged undergraduate students from universities in Hong Kong.   The objective is to help talented students who, despite facing financial and other forms of hardships, have become all-rounded individuals with demonstrated academic achievements and records of leadership and services.   We hope to help these students realize their full potentials in becoming the future leaders of tomorrow.




Children’s Cancer

We aim to sponsor annual field trips for children with cancer and their family members, with the objective of bringing some joy to them during this very difficult time in their lives.




Education Sponsorship for University Students in China

For a donation of HK$20,000, you can help sponsor about half of the tuitions and fees for an impoverished student to complete university education for four year.  Impoverished students who have progressed to gain acceptances to China’s highly competitive universities will have the best chance of lifting themselves and their families out of poverty, and make real and tangible impacts to themselves and to society. We will visit the sponsored students together with our partner charity to confirm that the donations are being used properly.   The volunteer trips, which the foundation will join, serve as a monitoring mechanism.   As a donor, you can choose the student to sponsor and are required to correspond with your sponsored student to provide ongoing encouragement and mentoring.




Education Sponsorship for Primary & Middle School Students In Rural China

For a donation of HK$1,200 a year, you can send a child to school for one year. For children from primary through middle school from rural China, you are sponsoring their uniforms, mid-day meal, or even boarding fees for those who live too far away to commute.  Our partner charity works with the local education bureau and schools to identify those families with the greatest needs. The money is paid to the schools for specific children’s tuition and fees and their China staff will visit periodically to confirm that the donations are being used properly.  The regular volunteer trips also serve as a monitoring mechanism.   If, as a donor, you wish to correspond with a sponsored student, we can work with our partner charity to facilitate a letter exchange.



港幣$1,200的捐款已能贊助一個中國農村貧窮中小學生一年的教育費用,贊助他們的制服,午飯,甚至離學校偏遠學生的交通費用。我們合作慈善機構跟中國當地教育局和學校協調合作,尋找最有資助的小孩。合作機構的中國人員將定期拜訪學校,確保捐款適當用途。 定期的志願者之旅也是進一步的監督機制。作為捐贈者,如您希望與贊助學生交流,我們可與合作慈善機構安排與相關學生書面交流

How to Donate (如何捐贈)

Donations for our scholarship programs for financially disadvantaged university students and children’s cancer projects in Hong Kong and for educational sponsorships in China can be made by cheque to our office or by bank transfer to:

Account Name:  Ng Kwok King Charitable Foundation Limited / 伍國經慈善基金有限公司
Bank: Bank of China (Hong Kong) / 中國銀行 (香港)
Account Number: 012-742-1-0241583

All donations of HK$100 or more are tax deductible.  


賬戶名稱: 伍國經慈善基金有限公司
開戶銀行: 中國銀行 (香港)
帳號: 012-742-1-0241583


港幣$ 100或以上捐款本基金會將提供香港扣稅收據。