Ng Kwok King Charitable Foundation Limited was established in 2014 by the Eng siblings - Timothy, Kelly & Matthew - and initially funded with their collective childhood savings, scholarship award monies and gift monies from their grandparents.  The Eng siblings decided to name the Foundation in honor of their grandfather who raised four children in poverty in the Lower Manhattan housing projects.   Their grandfather encouraged his children to obtain the best education possible and, through education, all four of his children transformed their lives for the better and became productive and contributing members of society.

伍國經慈善基金是由伍庭夆,伍婷欣,伍庭琛三兄弟姊妹, 用他们童年的儲蓄,獎學金款項和祖父母赠予的教育基金款项, 2014年成立的慈善機構。他們以祖父伍國經先生名譽成立和命名基金會, 以反映祖父對教育的重視。 祖父在1979年帶同太太和四個兒子從中國梅州移民美國,在陌生,繁榮和昂貴的紐約大都市裡貧窮環境下將他們扶養成人,不停強調和鼓勵年少的孩子們追求高等教育,透過教育脫貧,成為對社會有貢獻的​​人士。

Mr. Ng Kwok King and His Family

Having volunteered as a regular tutor at the SoCo community center for the poor and organized a photo essay exhibition to promote awareness of poverty in Hong Kong, Timothy has seen first hand the hardships faced by new immigrants and those living in poverty in this the prosperous city of Hong Kong – Asia’s World City and a major global financial center.   The Foundation has, under his leadership provided scholarships to financially disadvantaged ethnic minority and new immigrant undergraduate students studying in universities in Hong Kong since 2014.  The scholarship sponsored students suffering from financial hardships, of ethnic minority or new immigrant background, and/or came from troubled homes.  Under the initiatives of Kelly and Matthew, the scholarship in 2016 expanded to include students from the most impoverished rural regions in China.

在為窮人服務的社區中心為貧窮小孩做定期義工導師期間組織了促進對香港貧窮社群認識照片故事作品展覽,伍庭夆對香港這繁華都市裏的貧窮階層所面臨的艱苦生活環境有很深刻的第一手感觸 在他的導下,本基金從2014年起向有才華但面臨經濟困難的香港少數民族, 新移民或有家庭困境的大學生提供獎學金。在他妹弟伍婷欣和伍庭琛的主導下,本基金會自 2016年起已將助學基金項目擴至贊助中國的貧窮學生。

Inspired by her cousin Amy who bravely battled and defeated cancer when she was seven years old, Kelly expanded in 2015 the Foundation scope to include helping children cancer patients, with the aim of sponsoring field trips for, and providing joy to, children cancer patients and their families during their times of hardship.  

伍婷欣的表妹伍怡婷不幸在七歲時患上癌症。 她的遭遇和勇敢戰勝癌魔的經歷對伍婷欣有很大的啟發。 在她的主導下,本基金會在2015年成立了兒童癌症患者戶外旅遊活動項目,將每年贊助約100個兒童癌症病患者和他們的家人參加有意義的戶外旅遊活動, 期望在他們人生最艱難時刻能為他們帶來點歡樂,關懷和鼓勵。

Foundation Founders: Timothy, Kelly & Matthew  Timothy with grandparents & 101 year old great grandma
基金會發起人: 伍庭夆,伍婷欣,伍庭琛  伍庭夆, 爺爺,嬤嬤,101歲的曾祖母合照 

The Foundation is a registered charity exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of the Hong Kong SAR.



Handmodel: Kelly Eng
手模特:  伍婷欣
Photography: Matthew Eng
攝影師:  伍庭琛
Art Work: Kelly Eng
藝術: 伍婷欣